A Communication Designer when at work and a Travel Illustrator when on holiday. Get to know me more!



My Story

When I was a kid, my parents used to take me and my sister around the country every summer break, the exposure to all this travel at a very young age inspired me to start traveling the world when I grew up. It all happened to me when I went to University in Rennes, France. I spent most of my life studying Engineering, Graphics and Communication Design at the same time experimenting with Art & Design.
The opportunity was out there for me to travel encounter new people and cultures. My love for football also encouraged me to travel more. From Istanbul to Kiev as a Liverpool fan I travelled and followed them almost every time and everywhere. I booked expensive tickets, slept in airports got hungry but still, I was able to see them play live. Thank you, Steven Gerrard.

We all have our own ways of traveling and mine is a little bit different. I decided to record my travels in my sketchbook in 2015, since I'm particular that in my travel I need learn how to eat, cook, speak and experience everything local. I thought sketching my stories would get me up close and personal with my surroundings. I believe this has helped me know more about the country its people and their culture. I don’t go to famous landmarks and take photos (although that would be a bonus every once in a while), I just walk around, sketch, talk, eat, sleep and repeat.

This is my story. How is yours brewing?

When my friends tell me I travel too much, I say I am not traveling. I just choose to be somewhere else, all the time.