Exploring London in a Day

Exploring London in a Day

The thing I enjoy most about travel sketching is that I come in contact with people on the streets who ask me about my experiences and people online who ask me to help them in planning their trips. It’s an engaging experience to make someone’s holiday enjoyable.

Big Ben and the London Eye

Whether its through my sketches or via my instagram, I love helping people who visit my page to have a richer experience in London or abroad, where they choose to travel. One of the most common questions my friends and relatives have asked me is how to spend 1 day in London, So here it is my All walk tour in the centre of this sprawling city. The culture capital of the world.

City. London.

Spending a day in London is a good way to get an overview and make a to-do list for a longer visit. London is a beautiful city with contrasting faces, It is expansive so focusing on the city center is where we start. While there’s no right or wrong way to spend 24 hours here, this is my take on how you could do it.

Here are the locations I will be covering in the day, I start of Buckingham Palace  and work my way through this city.

Here are the locations I will be covering in the day, I start ofBuckingham Palace and work my way through this city.

1. The Morning Walk.

I’m starting out on the journey with my sketchbook, watercolors and a water bottle. It is quite hot warm and sunny today. A perfect day and there’s no better place to start than Westminster. Buckingham Palace is the heart of the city, Westminster Abbey is right here, and Big Ben is Iconic.

The Guard, Buckingham Palace

The Guard, Buckingham Palace

The Shard.

3. The Crowds

Now we meet the tallest in the city The Shard. From the heights of neo-classical architecture to Modern day engineering marvel. It is a staggering 240m high, if you fancy the views and a premium dinner there are amazing restaurants up there in the clouds. Next up is the Borough Market, one of the city’s most beloved landmarks. When it’s open, Borough Market is the ideal place to find foodie inspiration and grab something delicious for lunch. I love sketching this place, the arches, the architecture, the people and the colours around. Simply amazing.

DID YOU KNOW? The name Big Ben comes from the bell inside the famous clock tower.

The name Big Ben comes from the bell inside the famous clock tower.

2. One among the Tourists.

From Westminster, I cross the Thames to the South Bank. It’s where the London Eye is. The walk along the river is mesmerising with street artists and tourists everywhere.

From there, it’s a great walk to Tate Modern and then the St.Paul’s cathedral, This beautiful anglican cathedral was destroyed in the Great fire in 1087, The Cathedral was redesigned and built again. It was completed in the summer of 1669. Up until 1967 it was the tallest building in the city. The Dome is Still the highest in the world.

I have scribbled in some useful information on the cathedral and its history.

Underground metro ride in the city.

Borough Market, The calm of the roof and the chaos on the floor is definetly a contrast I was enjoying witnessing.


4. The Bridge.

For a bit of history I cross London Bridge into the City, admiring the views of Tower Bridge on the way. I stopped over for a quick 30min painting of the gorgeous bridge. From the graceful dome of St Paul’s Cathedral to this humongous bridge this always awes me with its abundance of architectural styles. Talk to me about a city where you can find modern-day skyscrapers next to an ancient wall.

5. The Final Leg

The next is a short ride in the underground on the Barbican Centre. It’s the last leg of my sketching journey today, where i would be visiting the Guildhall School of Music and the Museum of London. Although as a tourist this is not fairly fascinating, I’m going to be sketching these places and finishing up my day here. Thanks for reading until next time take care!

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